About Us

Executive Group of Companies was founded in the year 2009 and is a network of 5 companies namely, Executive Security Services, Unicorn Business Consult, Unicorn Legal, Unicon Logistics and Ziva Foundation.

At Executive Group, we are focused and do not compromise in our pursuit of excellence and success. Our focus includes responsiveness, and provision of bespoke services tailored to suit our clients in a constantly changing business environment. We care about our clients’ reputation as much as we care about ours. Consequently, offering premium services to our clients really matters to us.

Our team having worked for a broad spectrum of clients, we understand the challenges faced by companies and institutions in Ghana and across the globe. Our reputation hinges on the extensive experience and varying strength of our team. Our clients are therefore guaranteed of highly knowledgeable, vibrant, experienced and proficient team who deliver to exceed expectations. We have worked in many of the most demanding and challenging environments in the world, and our global reach means that we can support our clients wherever their needs require.

What drives us

Our Why


Our vision is to become Ghana’s choicest service provider in our respective subsidiaries’ areas of expertise.


To offer consistent quality and innovative services through our subsidiaries in order to ensure the achievement of our clients’ set goals and objectives for their businesses with the highest level of capability and assurance, and at the lowest possible cost.

What we believe

Our Values


We care about our clients’ reputation as much as we care about ours. We are therefore dedicated to adhering to the laws, rules and ethical principles that governs us to provide our clients with the peace of mind they deserve.

Team Work & Collaboration

We are committed to a common goal based on an open and honest communication and collaborate to ensure success and satisfaction of our cherished clients.


We demonstrate excellence and are highly competent and confident in our work.


We do not make promises we cannot keep. Our clients can always rely on us to deliver on our commitments.


We always strive to offer practical and innovative services to our clients and further aim to deliver services of the highest quality in an open and business-like manner.


We are willing to do what it takes by being proactive, willing to help and delivering over-and- above services we offer to our clients.

Client Satisfaction

We strive to be the best and offer excellent services to our clients. We go above our commitments and always endeavor to exceed clients’ expectations.

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